The Lindsey Shaw-Miller Collection

Documentation about Michael Sweerts (1618-1664).


In 2017, art historian Lindsey Shaw-Miller (1951-) donated her documentation on Michael Sweerts (1618-1664) to the Rubenianum. Shaw-Miller specializes in 17th-century artists who traveled or worked abroad, with a focus on Flemish artist Michael Sweerts. The documentation reflects her research on this artist.

The material also includes Malcolm Waddingham's (1927-2014) documentation on Sweerts.

Content and structure

The documentation consists of thematically arranged folders and includes correspondence, photographs, excerpts from literature, notes and printed matter. Waddingham's documentation contains mostly visual material attached to cartons.


The collection is fully inventoried and searchable online in the Rubenianum's archival database. The material can be consulted in the reading room upon request through the library catalog.